Miss Pitunia rocked the role of Bull’s Eye in Oliver.

The Young People’s Theater of St. Charles put on the play, but none of the kids were very good at playing a dog. So the call went out for a white pit bull type dog to play Bull’s Eye. It was a bit of a stretch for Miss Pitunia, but she played the male dog role quite well (too bad Lassie was cancelled). She had the audience believing she was afraid of her owner in the play, Bill Sykes, when she really likes the actor, Luke.

Miss Pitunia was dog-tired after the first weekend (four shows in three days), but was fully recovered and ready for the next (and last) four shows last weekend. She loved the attention and extra treats she got and I don’t know how we and Mr. Hyde will live with the diva going forward.

Miss Pitunia converted the few people in the theater troupe who had negative attitudes towards pit bulls. Once those people got over their prejudices and interacted with Pittie, they were converted to accepting pit bulls for what they are: great dogs.