Rico arrived in St. Louis on a very warm Friday April night. The baggage people were so nice to Rico and wanted to know his story. They were so happy to have him as a guest as he was the best dog they had flying. Rico looked out his crate at all the new people surrounding him. Dr. Marcy bent down and gave him a smile and told him you are in good hands and we love you. I stood back watching Rico take in all the information, processing, and waited for the smile that he approved of his new home. Mike and Matt carried Rico’s crate through the airport to the parking garage. We slowly opened up Rico’s crate and he took a very very long relief to his bladder. He sighed, looked around, and wanted to know where the party was at. At that moment I knew Rico was home to stay. We loaded Rico into the back of my car and we took off to his new cottage. In Rico’s world, all is good, all is right, and all is in sync. After a brief inspection of his cottage and a big kiss to his foster dad Dave, Rico settled in for a restful night sleep. Rico is the epiphany of resilient.

Rico arrives at the St. Louis airport!

Dr. Marcy Hammerle of The Pet Doctor Inc. (http://www.thepetdoctorinc.com/) meets Rico for the first time!

Rico with the Pet Doctor team!

Rico and his donated food from Animal Crackers in O’Fallon MO (http://animalcrackersofallonmo.blogspot.com/)

Rico and Dave!

Rico and Gale!